Verified Reviews 


We love it! Played our first one last month with the Titanic theme. Didn’t know what to expect but you are actually a detective and need to solve the murder mystery. Working with a team of friends we combed through all the clues. We narrowed it down to 2 suspects. It was so exciting when the facts came together to come to a conclusion. Can’t wait to receive our next mystery. We are hooked!   [Kim M.]

I have received 2 boxes now. Finished my first one ( stayed up until 5am) I totally love it. Thank you so much. Can't wait to crack the next one.   [Angela W.]

Just did the mad hatter one!! So much fun.  [Sarah B.]

These are a lot of fun!! Definitely worth it.   [Mike A.]

This was so fun!  [Kris B.]

We completed this box tonight. What a great experience it was. There were 5 of us that played and it took us about 3 hours to solve the case. We cannot wait for our next box to arrive!!  [John R.]

Great mystery!! Loved that it was so interactive!!  [Susan E.]

We solved our mystery this weekend. So much fun!  [Paige A.]

It was my first box... loved doing it. Was fun and something different to do. Looking forward to next box.... can't wait.  [Pete E.]

Had so much fun figuring out who the murderer was! Can’t wait for the next one!  [Rachael C.]

Got my box. Super fun!  [Jenny A.]

We just finished our first box last night. Good times!  [Wendy S.]

Our friend introduced it to us with previous boxes. It is so much fun! I'm hooked!  [Dustin A.]

Just finished our first box. My husband, daughter and I can’t wait for next month!  [Janice T.]

We just got ours last week and did it last night. Great fun. Took about 2.5 hours and very well put together. Can’t wait until next month.  [Dave E.]

I've been playing since February, it's so much fun!  [Tammy B.]

This is AWESOME.  [Mereda S.]

Well put together and really gets you into the mood of the game.  [Michael C.]

My daughter just received this for a surprise 18th bday get together. Thanks for making the night memorable. Such a great gift.  [Tanya S.]

Just finally cracked this box open tonight at family dinner. It’s our first box, and we loved it!!! So looking forward to our next delivery! [Mistie G.]

I can’t wait for my next box. My first was so much fun!!! I’m even letting my son and his friends do the first as part of their “homeschooling”.   [Shawn Q.]

We just finished the Titanic one. Was fantastic and can’t wait for next month!! [Elizabeth L.]

Waiting for the new box to arrive, and then seeing it on my doorstep when I get home from work, is super exciting for me. Because I'm a nerd. [Tammy B.]

I just got my first box and love it.  [Lisa G.]

Just happy..NAILED IT. [Joanne M.]

These boxes are great! A revolutionary way of gaming!!! Get one. You will not be disappointed.  [Michelle M.]

I bought this for my granddaughter’s birthday, and they LOVED it. Said it was so much fun!  [Ann C.]

We got it and it's awesome! Great for family get together!  [Deb K.]

My husband and I get together with another couple have dinner and play it. We all enjoy it!  [J.O.]

We received our first case and got together with friends tonight to solve it. We enjoyed the evidence you supplied us with and had a great time.  [Jackie F.]

I decided to try this, it's not only addictive and intelligent based but extremely fun. We have even changed our game days occasionally to coincide with the arrival of the game. Kudos to you all. [Dawn H.]

Bones of an Angel was sooo good!  [Kristen L.]

My husband and I completed the first one. It was lots of fun.  [Martha P.]

We just did our first one and love it. [Ruhla L.]

Our family loves the monthly challenge! [Lisa R.]

Order this everyone. You will not be disappointed!  [Karen S.]

My daughter and her boyfriend love these. My husband and I play with them...get a pizza and spend 2-5 hours playing detective. We've played 5 months now and can't wait each month for the next one.  [Diane P.]

We were also BLOWN AWAY at how historic all the items appeared to be. We were honestly sad when it was over. [Bonnie T.]