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We deliver mysteries to your door.

A USA TODAY Top 10 Pick! 



Receive a mysterious package in the mail. Use the items and objects inside to solve a fascinating mystery. You become part of the story! Each month we offer a new mystery to solve.

"I received my first mystery box today. WOW is all I can say." - Janna R. 


Investigate the items in your mystery box. Past mysteries have included photographs, artifacts, maps, letters, a skeleton key, newspapers, FBI reports, vintage diaries, interviews and more!  

"The attention to detail was astounding. Wonderfully done." - Julie C.


Use the items in your mystery box to uncover hidden information and solve the mystery. Our mysteries have compelling storylines and characters that come alive as you investigate!

"We completed our first mystery last night. It was a blast!" - Leah H.

A New Kind of Entertainment

The Mystery Experiences Company has invented a brand new form of entertainment. It's more fun than watching a movie or reading a mystery novel because you become part of the story. You play an active role in each mystery. You can investigate our mysteries either by yourself or with a group. Game night will never be the same!

We are honored to be chosen as a Top 10 pick by USA Today. We also produce mysteries in partnership with companies like movie studio 20th Century Fox and publisher Penguin Random House.

"As a propmaster for 30 years, you guys are spot on! " - Nikki G.

"I can't tell you how incredible this is!  Absolutely beyond expectations!" - Jim G.

USA Today Top 10!

We were chosen by USA Today 

as a Top 10 pick!  

[From USA Today] - I adore my monthly Mystery Experiences boxes. There are neat puzzles, codes, and all of the evidence and alibi-checking a mystery lover could ever want. Each month is its own self-contained murder mystery, but contributes to the overall world-building of the serial killer-ridden Forrest City. Hilariously, the edition of Forrest City's fake newspaper included in each box (valuable for seeing where suspects were at the time of the murder) always includes an article that talks about the ridiculously high murder rate.  — Julia MacDougal



I want to sign up today! How much does it cost?

Each month you will receive a new mystery for only $29.99, plus a flat rate for shipping (only $4.99).  You are free, however, to send us any extra money that you have just lying around and don't really need. We promise to give it a good home.

Is everything I need to solve the mystery in the box?

Nope, and that's a good thing. If you have a phone with internet access (or a computer or tablet, or the ability to kidnap someone with one of these devices), you are all set. Our mysteries may also take you online to websites that blur the lines between fiction and reality to find additional clues. 

I don't live in the United States. Can I still get your mysteries?

Currently, we ship our mysteries only to mailing addresses within the US, Canada, Europe and Australia. We recommend that you purchase a second home in the US so that you don't miss out on any mysteries.

Who designs the mysteries?

Our mystery experiences are designed by a creative team lead by bestselling author Christopher Forrest. We also produce mysteries in partnership with entertainment companies such as movie studio 20th Century Fox and publisher Penguin Random House.   

What if I change my mind and want to cancel?

Our mysteries are risk-free. Cancel at any time by logging in and selecting the option to cancel. No need to call us or talk to anyone. Easy-peasy. And even though we're confident that you'll love our mysteries, if you are not satisfied we will refund your money (just let us know within 30 days). Now that we've gotten those details out of the way, let's get started. Sign up today!

 "It makes me feel like a 'real life' detective!" - Roy

We Deliver Mystery 

to your Door

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What Everyone's Saying

JOANNE: "I love The Mystery Experiences Company. Their mysteries are fun, exciting and entertaining."

ROY: "I LOVE this company so much. Every month is another exciting adventure. It makes me feel like a "real life" detective!"

KELLY: "I tell everyone I know about Mystery Experiences Company! I look forward to receiving my box every month and my husband recently joined in on the fun. They do an amazing job of wisking me away to a whole other world."

SAPPHIRA: "I subscribed for one month feeling very skeptical but I've been a member now for 6 months! The best part of the box is the stories are all extremely in-depth and interesting. I highly recommend this to all the mystery fans out there."

NICOLE: "I HIGHLY recommend this box to EVERYONE."