Can You Solve a Murder Mystery?

Investigate the evidence. 

Uncover mysterious clues. 

Solve the case.



Solve a murder mystery at home using the items inside a mysterious package delivered to your door. Challenge your skills a detective.

"We did our first mystery last night. It was a blast!" - Leah H.  


You are the detective. Investigate the case by yourself, with a partner, or in a small group. Solve the case to catch the killer.

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We've created mysteries in partnership with some of the world's biggest media companies including 20th Century Fox and publisher Penguin Random House. Our mysteries are designed to be enjoyed by solo players, couples or pairs, or small groups. Most can be solved within two to four hours.  


The contents of each mystery vary, but past boxes have included items such as crime scene evidence, case map, suspect profiles, DNA reports, interviews with witnesses, links to video and audio clips, fingerprint evidence, a letter from a serial killer, hospital wristband, diary entries, autopsy report, photographs, investigation notes, homicide report, newspaper, forensic trace evidence, police reports, a cocktail napkin with a handwritten clue, postcard, keychain, matchbook with hidden information, journal entries, and much more.  


Each murder mystery is designed to be enjoyed and solved without any knowledge of our prior mysteries. However, many of our mysteries are set in the same fictional towns with recurring characters, locations and storylines. 


The content of our murder mysteries is oriented more toward adults, but no more so than you would find on a typical episode of Criminal Minds or CSI on television. We have found that parents and teachers vary widely in what they find appropriate for teens and children of different ages, but our mysteries are appropriate for most teens.  


We have a hiring preference for people with disabilities. Our creative and administrative offices are located in Florida and our production facility is in Ohio. We are based entirely in the United States. The company was founded in 2015.   


We have delivered over 600,000 murder mysteries to homes across America. 

About 90% of people who try one of our murder mysteries decide to come back for more.

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Channel your inner detective, investigate the case, and solve a murder mystery. 

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