Can You Solve a Murder Mystery?

Murder Mystery in a Box



Solve a murder mystery at home using the items inside a mysterious package. Challenge your skills to solve the case.

"Received my first box today. WOW is all I can say." - Janna R. (Austin)


Investigate each new case as a single detective working solo, as a couple on date night, or with a small group of friends. 

"The attention to detail was astounding." - Julie S. (Los Angeles)


We only offer a limited number of new murder mystery boxes each month to our members. We almost always sell out so start today! 

"We did our first mystery. It was a blast!" - Leah H. (New York)

Can You Solve a Murder Mystery?


We pioneered a brand new form of entertainment: immersive mysteries delivered to your door. If you enjoy board games, murder mysteries, or escape rooms, our story-driven murder mysteries are made for you. We've created mysteries in partnership with some of the world's biggest entertainment companies including 21st Century Fox and mega-publisher Penguin Random House. We ship a brand new murder mystery once per month. Most can be solved within two to four hours depending on skill level and focus. 


Each mystery box is a bit different. Part of the immersive experience is discovering what you've received and figuring out how each item relates to the mystery. But we will give you a hint. Past boxes have included items such as a skeleton key, suspect photos and profiles, items found at a crime scene, FBI profiles, a gothic necklace, investigation notes, intriguing letters, an investigation case file, crime scene photographs, witness interviews, DNA evidence reports, a hospital ID bracelet, a newspaper, keychain, passport, journal entries, and much more.  


Each new murder mystery can solved without any knowledge of our other mysteries. However, all of our murder mysteries are set in the same fictional town with recurring characters, locations, and storylines. Over time you will uncover the dark secrets that tie all of our mysteries together. About 90% of people who try one of our mysteries decide to stay for more.


Each month we deliver a new murder mystery box. Each mystery is only $ 34.99. Currently, we ship our mysteries only to mailing addresses within the United States. We recommend that you purchase a second home in the U.S. so that you don't miss out on any mystery boxes.


We have a hiring preference for people with disabilities. Our creative and administrative offices are located in Florida and our production facility is in Ohio.  We are based entirely in the United States. The company was founded in 2015. 

"I highly recommend this!" - Nicole H. 


Chosen by USA Today as a Top Ten pick! 




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Can You Solve a Murder Mystery?