Questions and Answers

Q.   When will I receive my first mystery?

We ship a new mystery once per month during the last week of each month.   

Q.   When will I be billed?

A.  For month-to-month plans, you’ll pay for your first mystery package as soon as you start your plan. Then you'll be billed monthly on the last day of each month. You can cancel at any time. For 3-month prepaid subscriptions, you'll pay the full plan amount when you place your order. Then you'll be billed again at the end of the three month cycle for the next three months. 

Q.   If I change my mind, can I cancel?

Yes, you may cancel your next renewal at any time! We give our members complete control over their subscriptions and it is very easy to cancel an upcoming renewal. Just log-in to your user account and select the option to cancel in the "edit subscription" window. There is no need to talk to a customer service representative. 

Q.  Why was my subscription renewed?

A.  We are a subscription service that automatically renews every cycle. We want to make sure you don’t miss a single mystery! We try to make the automatic renewal policy very clear on the site when you order or log into your account, but sometimes it gets missed! You can log into your account and cancel the upcoming renewal of your subscription at any time. 

Q.   If I cancel in the middle of a subscription, will I still get all my mystery boxes?

We hope you’re not really thinking about leaving! But if you cancel, yes, you will definitely receive all of the boxes from your subscription! Canceling means your subscription will not renew, but if you signed up for a three-month prepaid subscription, you’ll still get your three month’s worth of mysteries.