1.  CAN I ORDER JUST ONE MYSTERY BOX?  Our mysteries are available only by subscription. We think you'll want to stick around once you try it. About 90% of folks who try one of our mysteries stay for more.  

2.  IS THIS APPROPRIATE FOR TEENS OR CHILDREN?  We have found that parents and teachers vary widely in what they find appropriate for children of different ages. The content of the mysteries is oriented more toward adults, but no more so than you would find on a typical episode of Criminal Minds or CSI on television. 

3.  WHEN WILL I RECEIVE MY FIRST MYSTERY BOX?  We ship a new mystery once per month during the last week of each month.  We ship via eCommerce and USPS makes the final delivery to your door.  If you place your order after the cutoff for the current mystery box (typically the 20th), then your first mystery will ship during the last week of the following month.

4.  WHEN WILL I BE BILLED/CHARGED?  For month-to-month plans, you’ll pay for your first mystery package as soon as you start your plan. Then you'll be billed monthly on the last day of each month (all of our subscriptions renew on the last day of each month). For multi-month prepaid subscriptions, you'll pay the full plan amount when you place your order. Then you'll be billed again at the end of the subscription term (if your subscription remains active) for the next term. Please note that prepaid subscriptions are not refundable once an order or renewal has occurred.

5.  HOW DO I CANCEL MY SUBSCRIPTION? We give our members complete control over their memberships and it is very easy to cancel an upcoming subscription renewal. Just make sure that you do it at least 24 hours before the renewal date on the last day of the month. Once a renewal occurs, it is not refundable.  To cancel an upcoming renewal, log-in to your user account on our website and choose the option to cancel your next renewal (just go to the "edit subscription" page in your user account). Please note that if you cancel after a renewal has occurred, you will still receive the remaining mystery box that you already paid for, but your subscription will not renew again. 

6.  WHY DID MY SUBSCRIPTION RENEW?  We are a monthly subscription service that automatically renews every cycle. We want to make sure you don’t miss a single mystery! Subscriptions renew on the last day of the month (for the following month's mystery). We try to make the automatic renewal policy very clear on the site when you order or log into your account, but sometimes it gets missed! You can log into your account and cancel the next upcoming renewal of your subscription at any time.  Just make sure you cancel 24 hours before the renewal date. Once a renewal occurs, it is not refundable.

7.  HOW DO I CHANGE MY SHIPPING ADDRESS OR BILLING INFORMATION? Members can access their user accounts online at any time to update information including shipping address, billing address, and payment method.  

8.  HOW MANY PEOPLE CAN PARTICIPATE IN EACH MYSTERY?  Our murder mysteries are designed to be enjoyed by a solo investigator, a couple, or in small groups. 

9.  HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO SOLVE?  Our mysteries are designed to be solvable by most people in 2-4 hours.

10.  HOW DO I KNOW IF I SOLVED IT CORRECTLY?  Each mystery box contains a link to the online solution for that mystery. Typically you will find the link to the solution in a START HERE guide or on a GETTING STARTED card (depending on which mystery you are investigating).

DID YOU KNOW? We were honored to be chosen by USA Today for their Top Ten subscription box list!  We also produce immersive mysteries in partnership with some of the world’s biggest entertainment and media companies like 21st Century Fox and publisher Penguin Random House to promote new movies and books! 

PLEASE NOTE: Our company has a hiring preference for people with disabilities. You may occasionally receive an email from us that has a missing letter or other small error. We thank you in advance for being respectful and courteous!