Murder Mystery: The Game

Can you solve a murder mystery? Receive a murder mystery in the mail. Investigate the evidence and uncover clues to solve the case. You are the detective!

Mysteries by Mail

Receive a new compelling murder mystery in the mail to investigate and solve the case.

Thrilling Storylines

Each mystery includes a carefully crafted storyline, intriguing characters, and realistic evidence to investigate.

Immersive Mystery

Our unsolved mysteries are fiction, but you'll feel like you're investigating a real case. 

Join The Fun!

We've shipped over 550,000 mysteries worldwide. Join our global community of detectives!

Murder Mystery: The Game!

We've created award-winning mysteries in partnership with some of the world's biggest media companies including 20th Century Fox and mega-publisher Penguin Random House, and tv celebrities like Murr (James Murray) and Melyssa Murray from Impractical Jokers. Over 550,000 mysteries sold worldwide!  We offer a 100% money-back guarantee, so get started today!

How It Works

1. Receive a Mystery Case

We send a compelling new murder mystery case to you in the mail in a mysterious package. 

2. Investigate the Mystery

Each mystery case includes intriguing evidence and mysterious clues to investigate.

3. Solve the Case

Challenge your detective skills to solve each new case by yourself, with a partner, or in a small group.

New Mystery Case

Try our new case: Tomb of the Pharaoh

Solve the case by investigating crime scene evidence, 20 locations in the game,  witnesses and suspects interviews, and much more! Use your detective skills to figure out the identity of the killer and the motive for the murder. 


What people say about Murder Mystery: The Game

"I bought this for my granddaughter’s birthday, and they LOVED it. She said it was so much fun!" 

Ann C. - Austin, TX

"We received our first mystery case and got together with friends to solve it. We had a great time."

Jack J. - Orlando, FL

"My husband and I completed our first mystery. It was a blast! So much fun. Highly recommend!"

Leah H. - New York, NY

Murder Mystery: The Game

Can you solve a murder mystery?